Ginghartinger Straße 2
D - 94169 Thurmansbang
Fon. (00 49) - 85 04 / 9 00-0
Fax (00 49) - 85 04 / 49 65

S u r r o u n d i n g s

Climatic health resort Thurmannsbang (500-900 m over sea-level)
Thurmannsbang is a starting point for many nice hiking-tours, the net of hiking-tracks (250 km) is well marked and fits young and old the same way for refreshing hiking-tours in the surrounding forests.
Not far away there are five beautiful lakes for bathing and refreshing, the museum village "Bavarian Forest" and the national park "Bavarian Forest".
Daily trips i.e. to Prague or Vienna are possible.
Hiking in the "Dreiburgenland"
In the midst of oxygen giving mixed woodland forests you find rest and peace to refresh from a stressed-out everyday life.
On well marked tracks of the national park "Bavarian Forest" you will encounter meadows covered with beautiful coloured flowers, wonderful landscapes and sleepy lakes.
Whether by food or by bike or on a horse-sleigh - enjoy the marvellous landscape of the low mountain range of the south Bavarian forest.
Here you can still find original and pure nature.
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