Padabhyanga 39,00 €

A special treatment for your feet and calves.
The nurturing and balming ayurvedic massage helps to enhace your blood pressure, to relax and unwind.

Duration: 45 Min. including a salt - oil - peeling

Garshana 59,00 €

Imagine pure silk massaging your body...
This treatment is an ideal supporting technique for weight reduction and purification.
It vitalizes and removes dead skin cells. Furthermore, it helps tightening connective tissue, preventing or reducing cellulitis.
This treatment is not adequate for people with strong body-hair.

Duration: 90 mins including a salt - oil - peeling and a single sauna session.

"Synchron" (with 4 hands)

79,00 €
109,50 €

A full body massage with warm ayurvedic oil.
It freshens up your senses and balances your body energy.
It´s relaxing, harmonising and regenerating effects on your skin are unique.

Duration: 60 mins including a salt - oil - peeling and a single sauna session.

Shirodhara (Stirnölguss) 79,00 €

Warm oil flows gently over your forehead. Helps to loosen tensions within your sculp muscles and to reduce inner stress.
Sirodhara is one of the most intense applications within the range of Ayurvedic treatments. A medical consultation prior to application would be advisable.

Duration: 60 mins.

Sanfte Berührung in
einer hektischen Zeit...

Ayurveda ist die
Wissenschaft vom
langen Leben.
Sie versteht den
Menschen als Einheit
von Körper, Geist und
Innere Harmonie und
Ausgeglichenheit aller
dem Körper
innewohnenden Kräfte
sind Grundlagen für ein
langes Leben.